Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Weekend Shenanigans

A few neighborhood hooligans decided to indulge in a wee bit o' mischief last weekend by breaking into about 30 boats down at the yard. For the most part, only flares, fire extinguishers, some electronics and the odd bottle of booze were taken. My boat "Full Tilt" appears to have been passed by, fortunately.

The pesky little n'er-do-wells (I know I shouldn't use such harsh language, but I'm quite perturbed!) cut through the shrink-wrapped covers on many of the boats, gaining access to the cabins; and then they perpetrated their dastardly deeds. (OK, enough of this silly talk).

This most recent "Crime of the Century" attracted major media attention. Local ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates were lurking about when I dropped by, so I used the opportunity to take some embarrassing photos of Bruce being interviewed.

This is Bruce being fake interviewed for this photo, by NBC 30 reporter Mindi Ramsey.

Here's her photo from the NBC30 website.

Here's the actual interview. Just before the interview began I jokingly asked her if she wanted to interview a disgruntled boat owner while pointing to myself.

She perked up and asked, "Why are you disgruntled?", while Bruce immediately punched me in the back and threatened to raise the rates (again).

Sheesh, some people can't take a joke.

During the interview she made this face while Bruce was talking. Either she's bored out of her mind, or she is seriously doubting whatever Bruce is saying. Either way, I'm sure she'll be angry at her boss for making her go to the boatyard on a frigid day.

This is Bruce on TV. They even used a closeup of his boat's name, while Mindi's voiceover said, "It's no secret the same thing happened to Bruce Kuryla's boat."

(insert groan here)

The media is lined up for their chance. Channel 8 is waiting for their turn. This is the very definition of a slow news day.

Before the interview, Bruce was talking about how he asked a local cop if he should put in a video system. The cop laughed in his face and replied, "Yeah, if you want blurry pictures of kids wearing hoodies and running away."

When Bruce reported the break-in, the cop laughingly asked him, "Hey, do you got the video?"

You gotta love a first-rate ballbreaker like that.


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