Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wicked weather 8/02

We thought about maybe taking the boat out for a sail today, but the forecast said probable thunderstorms, so we didn't. Good thing.

Around noonish we drove down to Ft. Trumbull beach to watch for the approaching storms. The Star boats were out, along with the Milford Yacht Club Invitational race. All told, there were about 30 boats visible offshore.

The weather moved in with lightening and high winds. Here's a couple photos (click on them to show full-sized):

Awesome the way it shoots out of the bottom of the low cloud.

Another powerful bolt strikes somewhere over towards Bayview.

This is a possible small waterspout that formed over the Gulf. We saw a rapid rotation of wind sucking up water from the surface. You can vaguely see the splashing water just in front of the island, and the column going up towards the left. The twister was small, almost the size of a dust devil, but it was definitely stirring up the water.


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