Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pierce Invitational Race 5/23

The First Place crew: Joyce, me, Janel (not pictured: Derek)

It was a wicked ride out there yesterday, with a 14-21 knot breeze out of the east all day. We had four boats in the non-spin class, Defiant (NY 40), Impulse (Frers 33), and Paikea (C&C 99), so we were the slowest boat. Janel and nephew Derek were crew, so we were a little short-handed for the conditions.

But we figured we'd go for broke and used the #1 genny for the entire race. We were definitely overpowered, but we also drove like maniacs in that breeze. The course was the long beat to New Haven NH Red/White channel marker, a run back to the Charles island bell, a short beat back to Pond Pt., then back to the finish just outside of the Gulf.

Defiant dropped out early with some steering problems, and they later ended up on the mud just outside the breakwater near the yacht club, where they stayed until the tide came back in and they towed them home. We rounded NH right behind Impulse and just in front of Paikea, so we knew we were in the lead (Impulse gave us 29 sec. and Paikea 32 sec.) During the long run back to Charles Is. Paikea nudged ahead of us, and rounded with Impulse about 3 minutes ahead.

Another beat to Pond Pt. where we didn't lose any time, and then a quick run to the finish. The results were us first, Impulse 2nd, and Paikea 3rd, and we ended up about four minutes ahead on corrected time. The race was about 3-1/2 hours, which was a LONG time to spend getting bashed about on the boat! Poor Derek nearly froze to death, being the front man on the rail, but such is the cost of winning.

For some reason, this year's J/30 rating for my boat increased three, from 135 to 136 spin, and 155 to 158 non-spin. I don't know why, but I'll look into it.


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