Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 6/17

Wild one tonight! The breeze was often in the 20s, and our wind meter hit 30 a few times during the race, so it was a bit of an exciting night!

Guest Mainsheet Trimmer Teri from "Wild Eyes" joined us tonight, and boy, did she pick a fun night to race with us!

During the leeward leg, Derek is living in Lazy Town, acting as a human gybe preventer. The joke is on him, though, 'cause if we accidentally gybed, he definitely would have ended up in the drink!

Lee and Janel holding the boat together on another downwind leg. The breeze was blowing out of the north, meaning we have very flat water but wicked wind! That's the kind of sailing I love, although we usually get it in early May when the water temp is bone-freezingly cold, so it's not as much fun as when the wind pipes up in warmer June or hotter July. Good time tonight!


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