Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday 6/14

Woman At The Helm, Race #1 this week!

Very light wind tonight, so we put the crew on the leeward side to increase the heel and get the boat moving as best we could.

Joyce at the helm. "ENJOYCE YOURSELF!" became the battle cry of the race!

We became more piratey as the race progressed. Here ARRRRRRRR two guest crew who joined us tonight, Danielle and Enes.

Derek enjoying a grown-up beverage on the boat. I have to say our crew did a pretty good job cleaning out the well-stocked icebox and bar. They're nothing if not persistent!

Post-race, the crew ENJOYCES a moment mugging for the camera. Joyce did a fantastic job helming the boat tonight, and hopefully we placed at least in the middle of the pack. I'll post results when they're available.

AND, very soon I'm going to post video of the race, from my new Fuji digital camera. I have about an hour's worth of footage to edit and highlight our most embarrassing moments! Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

And, of course, my requisite self-portrait (photobombed by Ryan, also of course!)


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