Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday Nite Race: June 2nd

We were short for crew was Joyce, Chad, and me. Since the Woman At The Helm race is two weeks from tonight, I had Joyce steer for practice.

The course was PSWS; Pond Point, Start, Welches Point, Start. We had weak and shifty winds from the ESE to start, and then they built over the course of the race. By the end it was blowing a steady 15 kts.

Joyce steered right after the start (which I blew by being caught well below the line, but with short crew we were somewhat handicapped), and when the wind shift from ESE to nearly S and picked up considerably, we started going like a bat.

Joyce eventually turned the helm over to me as conditions started getting a bit much for her. We didn't do too bad, considering our start. We'll work on getting better position at the line next week.


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