Thursday, May 31, 2007

First thunderstorm of the season

Well, technically no...we managed to get back to the marina before the storm really hit, but we watched the lightening playing on the horizon for most of tonight's race. Then, when we were at the yacht club having a beer, the storm started lashing the immediate area.

We had a good crew tonight, including a sizable portion of last week's Block Island Race winner "Wild Eyes", Pete, Teri, Lee, and regular crew J.R.; plus a new crew member Janal, who was in her first sailboat race ever, yet she had a good time.

We had a slow start, but picked up on the fleet as the night went on. We used the #2 genny, which seemed like a mistake at the start, but turned out to be a fine sail choice for the gusty winds and our mostly unfamiliar crew.

Fun night, but I was too busy driving to take pictures or video. Hopefully I'll get some good shots next week!


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