Friday, June 12, 2009

Woman at the Helm, Race I

(L to R) Joyce, Liz, and Janel were the helm and crew with me last night, in drizzly and breezy conditions.

The course was WS3 with the wind at about 15kts out of the east, so it was kind of lumpy out there. Results are located HERE. We finished 8th out of 9 boats, but my poor tactics on the start cost us about 2 minutes and that was pretty much the difference that kept us out of the top 3 or 4.

Oh well, Joyce did a great job (as usual) and Janel made sure to tell me where she was gonna ram that whisker pole if I didn't shut up! (she just had a bit of trouble with it again, and I simply walked forward and fixed it in two seconds for the 2nd time in two races)

And I broke the LCD screen on my new Fuji camera, which cost me about $70 a month or two ago. The dummy that I am, I had left it in my pocket during the race, and I must have smashed it into a winch while we were getting bounced around out there. Bummer!

At least I got one picture (above) with it. And I just (five minutes ago) bought a used one on eBay for $38, so at least it wasn't THAT expensive of a boneheaded move! This, if you're keeping count, is camera number THREE so far this year! I'm gonna glue a square of plexiglass over the LCD on this one, because I'm obviously too clumsy to maintain a working camera for very long.


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