Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday 6/24

It was just like last week, with a gusty breeze ranging into the upper 20s, making it another wet and wild night!

A torrential thunderstorm blew through town a couple hours earlier, leaving downed trees and power lines in its wake. Fortunately, the wind didn't die after the squall, so we still had a stiff offshore breeze to work with.

We're surfing down toward Pond Point in this photo. Using last week's combination of a full main and the #2 genny, Lee did a great job trimming the sails and the boat performed great, keeping pace with boats that usually leave us well back.

We were joined this week by one of Lee's work mates, Christa. She picked a good night to get her feet wet on a racing boat!

Remember me?

We missed the yacht club cannon by about a minute or so. Joyce would have jumped right out of her skin if it went off just as she steered through the breakwaters. But our timing was off and we were well past the yacht club when it popped. Oh well, you can't always pitch a perfect game, right?


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