Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Doing the sanding thing

After a miserable few days of record rainfall, including a complete washout of a weekend, I was able to work on the boat today.

Below is the hatch from the entryway to the cabin. I'm sanding it so I can put a new varnished finish on it. I use Sikken's Cetol, which is a fine sealant and looks great.

I'm using the quarter-sheet electric sander. It works great, but it's so frickin' loud I can't hear my Mp3 player over the noise. Maybe I should get my ear protectors on for this.

You probably noticed the old head in the picture. I'm using is as a convenient seat while sanding the hatch; and yes, I put the cover down. I think I'm going to recycle it into a planter for Joyce. I'm just too attached to it to throw it away. You know how you can feel sentimental for an old toilet, right?


OK, nevermind...I'm tossing it. :)


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