Friday, September 22, 2006

Port Jeff weekend

During what was the last weekend of summer, Joyce & I took advantage of the perfect weather and sailed over to PJ on Saturday for an overnight stay.

A light breeze out of the southeast made for an easy, one-tack crossing.

As was tragically demonstrated this week, Long Island Sound is a very busy thoroughfare. Here a barge is towed uncomfortably close to us.

A 92-foot sailboat and a 600-foot coal carrier collided just before dawn in clear weather. Both vessels possessed radar, and conditions were perfect for avoiding such an accident. Yet the sailboat was sunk, with one life lost.

The accident occurred in the same area where they're considering placing the giant moored LPG platform; a storage depot with enough gas to vaporize a 5-square mile area. Why should anyone worry when boats collide and sink in perfect weather?

The channel marker at Port Jeff shows just how easy it is for well-lit buoys to get hit. Still think the LPG platform is a sound idea?

Safely at our mooring, Joyce holds the sail firmly on the deck in the 2 knot breeze. For hours.

Grilling up my famous garlic & herb chicken. Food tastes SO much better when grilled on a boat!

Capt. Bob enjoys his customary cigar. Topless.

Joyce enjoys a book while relaxing. She does that a lot. Relaxing.

These are the moments that we live for.


At 9/24/2006 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CT Bob when do you stop sailing?

The tragic accident occured at 0400 and obviously someone(s) who were supposed to be watching was down below or not paying attention. We had seen sv Essence up in Newport a few days before the fatal accident.

I'll be sailing down the sound to New Rochelle soon to winter storage...

DefJef FirePup
sv Shiva

At 9/25/2006 11:01 PM, Blogger CT Bob said...

Last year we were in the water until early December, but I suspect it'll be a much earlier winter this year. Our weekly racing ends the first week in October, then it's time to think about hauling out.

I'm gonna be so busy with the Senate campaign in October that I'll probably wait to haul out in mid-November.

So after racing ends, we'll try to day sail on weekends up until then.

Yeah, I expect someone snoozed while on watch; it happens. That's why you always pair up for nighttime watches; it's too easy to close your eyes for a "moment" and wake up when you here stuff getting crunched up. Sad.


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