Thursday, July 13, 2006


Tonight, under threatening skies that gradually gave way to clear and cool, Joyce helmed Full Tilt in the second "Woman at the Helm" race of the three race series.

Joyce with Adam immediately after the start. We were down the line a little bit, but we had clear air. That helped us get into a good tactical position.

Secret is out of frame to the left and in the lead right after the start, which put all these boats into bad air. We were a few lengths low, but we kept a good pace going while they struggled.

J.R. and Erich crewed along with Adam. The sky was very dramatic early on, and it made for good photo ops.

Joyce and J.R. watch the other boats with intensity.

The Race Committee set a great course and ran a great race!

Joyce is doing a fantastic job at the helm tonight, and she's obviously taken the advice of the sticker by her knees that says "GO FAST"!

The crew proudly wore their Team Full Tilt shirts tonight!

Joyce helms us towards the finish as the sun sets, and you can tell she's happy about how well she's doing.

The crew performed with enthusiasm and skill tonight.

Back at the dock, Joyce poses with the official "Woman at the Helm" burgee.

All in all, I think Joyce and the crew did an excellent job tonight. And I'm fairly confident we had a decent finish; we'll find out in a day or two after they tabulate and publish the results.

The only drawback of the night was when I caught my demin shorts on a cleat and I heard a small rip. Well, over the course of the race, my shorts split pretty much all the way up the back of my pants. I didn't realize how bad it was until I walked to my car after the race and felt a draft!

All's I could think of then was..."thank God I wore underwear!"

Good times tonight.

Oh, and we JUST MISSED getting Joyce again with the Yacht Club cannon. Like, only by about 2 minutes. I gotta check my Eldridge next time before we head in! (see the post a few before this one about the cannon). But the RC starting shotgun made Joyce leap out of her sneakers a bit.


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