Thursday, August 17, 2006


Tonight was the third and last race of the "Woman at the Helm" series, and it was a fun one!

1 Sentinel
2 Full Tilt
3 Defiant
4 Schock Therapy
5 Bruja
6 Straight Up
7 Black Hawk
8 Paikea
9 Enigma

Based on these results, Full Tilt will win either 2nd place overall (if best two of the three races are counted), or 3rd place overall (if all three races are counted and the first race placing is the tie-breaker). Either way, Joyce did a GREAT job this season, helming us through a series of tough races. Well done!

Joyce, Adam and J.R. (R to L) during the pre-start. You can't help but notice Joyce's intense concentration in this picture; she was completely "in the zone" for the race tonight.

Erich was instrumental in keeping the leeward side of the boat properly balanced during the light winds on the first leg. I don't know how we could have managed without his holding down the port side of the boat!

J.R. framed by a typically awesome sunset as we head back toward the start on the 3rd leg of the race.

Joyce happily sails us over several boats that she caught up to on the final leg of the race. She was trying to look serious while I was pointing the camera at her, but she failed miserably.

The tactician enjoying a post-race cigar back at the marina, along with a post-race beer (not pictured). Our crew hung out at the dock for a good hour or two after we got back, because we had pizza and ice-cold beer, and we were all feeling pretty happy after a good race.

I won't know how we did until possibly after we leave for a week on the boat this weekend, so look for results here maybe after we get back. We're thinking of going to Block Island, depending on the winds and weather; but no matter where we end up, I'm sure we'll have a relaxing week away from work and the pressures of the Lamont campaign (see my other blog at "Connecticut Bob")

Good job tonight, Joyce!


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