Friday, July 13, 2007

Woman at the Helm Race II

(NOTE: Video from the vacation will be delayed a while; I'm very busy)

Here's some photos from last night's Woman at the Helm race. We had a bit of a screw-up at the start and hit the starting pin, so we lost our advantage on what would have been a great start. It was a short race in light and variable winds, so we didn't have time to make it back up.

Crew was J.R., Derek, Lee, and Janel. Joyce was the Helmswoman, and I was the seldom listened-to tactician. I'm pretty sure we finished DFL, but it was fun anyway!

(Click on any of these pictures for hi-resolution goodness!)

Before the start

Joyce at the helm

"Paikea" on a reach

"Pale Rider" close hauled

Some boats

After the race

Joyce and the ducks

Sunset over Milford Harbor


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