Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday 8/09

Great night! We had a full crew for a breezy race (J.R., Janel, Lee, Derek, Joyce and me) and it was cool to see everyone wearing their crew shirts yet again.

The boat is sailing really well, and our crew is getting better every race. We had a nice amount of wind last night, and a longish course of WNDWNWS which was great for the conditions.

After the race we saw John's band Commercial Interruption at Daniel Street. Here's a photo:

We're going to miss next week's race, which sadly is the WAH III, but we're so far out of it this year that we're willing to let some other boats win a trophy for a change. Besides, our trophy case is getting so full that I've had to discard my Daytime Emmy, two MTV Movie Awards, and my Nobel Prize for Particle Physics in order to make room for all of Joyce's trophies.

Anyway, we'll be racing again on the 23rd, for the Port Milford Party.


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