Thursday, August 14, 2008

Woman at the Helm Race III 8/14

Lots of no wind for the first half-hour hold on the race, and then we got a nice southerly between 5-10 kts, so we started a bit late but got the race in.

Derek on the dock before the race. The weather was threatening, and while we heard thunder and saw lightning during the race, we were spared any storms.

A WWII vintage PT-boat cruised the harbor, as part of the Oyster Festival. Sadly, we'll miss the whole thing because of vacation.

Spirit drift by Tuggly, the committee boat, before the start.

More Tuggly action. It's a really cool looking boat.

I knew this boat looked familiar! It's the very same "Mary E" that we saw just over a month ago on our previous vacation in Northport. They were restoring it at the time; it's great to see the ol' gal looking so lovely. Here's the blog entry with the picture from July 4th week.

The race finally started, and with us short-handed (only Janel and Derek helping us) we had our hands full and I couldn't take many pictures.

I did manage to snap one last sunset photo. Who doesn't love a good sunset photo?

Great time tonight. Good job by the RC in setting up a workable course under variable conditions. Well done!


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