Monday, July 27, 2009

PJ RandR

The annual Port Jefferson Race & Rendezvous was a success as usual, thanks to the tireless work of all the volunteers. Here's a few pictures from the crew of Full Tilt, where we were Race Committee as usual.

Joyce and I had Janel as crew again this year, and we all brought our kayaks with us. I was happy to see that all three fit on the deck and didn't interfere much with our #1 genny, which we easily tacked several times on the way over.

I like that there's no chance of a wind hold on this race, so I started the race exactly on the hour per GPS time, regardless of the lack of wind. It did make for a tough start for many boats, as the current was moving west at about 3/4 of a knot and tended to drag them down the line towards the bell buoy, which was the pin again this year.

By around 2PM the wind finally started coming up, and Secret charged through the fleet to an eventual first place victory.

Janel scopes out the finish at Mt. Misery Shoal as we approach PJ.

This is a closeup of that really cool tri that was in the background of the previous photo.

Defiant and another boat have a bang-bang finish at the buoy. We were about 1/2 mile away, so the photo is a bit blurry.

Busy weekend at PJ, as this typical raft-up indicates.

Fun with glowsticks. Yes, this group is fully engulfed in a life-long state of goofiness.

Nobody liked the flash on my camera, so they all looked away. I decided to put the camera away at that point.

Gary and Carol from Shamles making way home the next day. We left around 11AM under the forecast threat of thunderstorms, which didn't materialize until evening. And the wind was light, so we motored in the heat most of the way.

After stopping mid-Sound for a very refreshing and much-needed swim, we found this balloon floating along. Have a nice day!


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