Thursday, July 09, 2009

Vacation Photos

We spent the entire week at our mooring in PJ, and we were joined by our friends Pete & Teri from "Wild Eyes" for the last three days.

I was worried that transporting our 9.5 and 10 foot kayaks would be difficult, but they fit nicely on the foredeck and barely interfered with our #1 genny. We tacked several times and had no problem with them. Relief!

Joyce on her kayak near Windjammers Beach (where we have the annual PJ R&R).

Joyce's patriotic pinwheels were really humming in the near-constant breeze!

Cormorants sunning themselves on the wrecked wharf on the east side of the channel. The guy on the left is lightening the load right before taking wing!

A typical PJ sunset. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the sunsets here?

Joyce finds a wrecked channel marker near Pirate's Cove. It's a bit too big for us to hang on our garden fence. I'm sure at some point someone will reclaim the thing.

I don't know why I do this. I guess because Joyce hates to operate the camera, so if I want any photos of me, someone has to take them!

Wild Eyes rafted up to us on the mooring. It looks twice as wide as Full Tilt, but I think the angle makes it look so much beamier when it's only 2 feet wider. Plus, they have a very spacious stern.

P & T on the beach at PJ.

P & T watching the big July 4th parade in Port Jeff. We spent about half a day in town, for the parade and lunch. The parade is great, with just about every single piece of fire apparatus on Long Island making an appearance. God help them if a fire breaks out somewhere!

I took the previous photo from across the street in front of the cigar store. I fired up a good 90-minute stogie, and found that I cleared about 20 feet of sidewalk while smoking it. Helpful tip for those that wish to repel families, especially those with kids!

The colors that they come up with for the evening twilight is way better than any fireworks I've ever seen.

Wild Eyes chuting home, with their big sail and a great breeze!


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