Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday 8/26 Party night!

Time for the annual Port Milford Last Supper Party! We had a short race in the 15kt. winds, which made for an early night to get back in time to have fun at the party!

We rounded the mark and led these boats to windward.

Lee, after trimming the genny.

During a run toward the leeward mark. The race started at T, then went ENWTN, with an exciting upwind finish where we were just edged out by Audacious and slightly leading Paikea; all three boats crossed within a couple seconds!

Taking down the headsail in order to head in to the party. What a sunset!

Of course!

C-Dock band rocked the party, with a huge old spinnaker used as a striking backdrop.

John rocked the place tonight!

BK3 singing.

Another award winning photo by me.

The Gals, as the 2nd set winds down. L-R: Joyce, NDoreen (I always get that wrong), Celeste, and Janel.


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