Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Great Night for a Race

Wow, what a fun race tonight. Crew was Joyce, Lori, Tim and me, and damn was it hot in the harbor! We headed out in very light winds, thinking we'd have a boring race.

Wrong! The wind piped up to 18 kts. about ten minutes before the gun, so we decided to go with the #2 genny. We struggled in moderate chop to get the sail changed, then we got everything straightened out just at the 5 minute gun.

Good thing we switched, 'cause the pre-start was wild. We luffed up about a minute before the gun, then powered up at the pin end of the line. We nailed the start, with position and perfect timing, hitting the line just at the gun and fully powered up. The rest of the fleet was well behind us.

The course was DSES, so we needed to get to the Charles Island bell into the breeze. The winds started moderating, so some of the faster boats passed us at the mark, but after we rounded it the crew wanted to change sails. So we changed back to the #1 genny and that helped us the rest of the race.

Joyce steered the last 3 legs (from the sail change onward), and she did a great job. Here she is after crossing the finish line, with a bunch of boats behind us still racing. We can't wait to see the results from this was a blast!

Here's some pictures of the crew enjoying a post race brewski. Good job crew!

Me, Lori and Joyce

Joyce & Tim



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