Sunday, October 09, 2005

Crewing for "Wild Eyes"

Today I raced with "Wild Eyes" in the Around The Buoys Sunday race. They'll have Sunday races through the end of the month. The picture below is from a race in August when I crewed for them.

The weather felt like autumn for the first time this year; a cool, drizzly and hazy day, with a good 10-15 kt breeze from the North, which made for a nice flat surface. Crew was Teri & Pete, me, Lee, Lisa, and Paul.

Teri drove, and did a great job. We had an awesome start, and ran from there. The crew worked together well; we made no mistakes for the first time I can recall, and we beat the next closest boat by over six minutes, including Skibereen, who give Wild Eyes time!

Great race guys!

Looks like Full Tilt will spend at least another week in the slip, 'cause Joyce has to work again next weekend. Well, we had a great season anyway...if it's over, no reason to weep. And maybe we'll get away for one more weekend if the weather's nice before we haul out.


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