Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Race Committee Night 9/01

Tonight "Full Tilt" was RC boat. We were representing "Sea Hound", Mike Kivell's boat, since it was much easier for us to just take our boat rather than go out to the mooring and picking up his boat. Joyce, Mike and me were RC.

In this artist's rendition of the finish, you can see "Full Tilt" with the RC and WSC flags waving in the gentle breeze, with the New York 40 "Defiant" just edging out the Pearson Flyer "Kari" and J/27 "Relentless" at the line for an exciting finish. Of course, I'm just stating the obvious, as you can easily tell from the picture.

Last night was the last Wednesday night at "Around the Bouys" racing in Branford; next week they go to Sunday afternoon races. But the wind was so strong and the waves were 4-6 feet and steep, so we decided after reaching the channel to turn around and go back. Then we decided to turn around and go back out when some other boats headed out. Then we decided to turn around again and go back in. Then we decided to go out and get pizza. THAT decision, we stuck with! And it was delicious.

We also went to PJ for the Labor Day weekend. No artist's renditions available, because I get a headache when using MS-Paint with a trackball. But I took a lot of video with my new mini-DV camcorder. Maybe eventually I'll post some screen-caps from the footage.


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