Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thusday 9/08 race

Tonight the wind was fresh. By fresh, I mean it was honking! While the breeze averaged maybe 12-15 over the course of the evening, we registered 23 knots apparent wind a few times. Which makes it interesting if you have a full main and the big Number One genny up.

This is an archive photo that I'd never posted, from a previous race. I don't feel like messing with MS-Paint to draw a cute picture right now. I'll have a digital camera soon, don't worry.

Joyce, Pete and Teri, along with Rob from Branford (he's a new owner of "Bayou Blue", a J/30 with a great paint job) joined us as crew, and when the wind kicked up we could have used a couple more chunks of rail meat.

The course was right into the southerly to the Chas. Is. bell buoy, then out to Pond Point, back to Start, up to the green Chas. Is. can, and back to start. Those long reaches out and back from P.P. were fun! We passed the Frers 33 "Audacious", and kept ahead of the First 32 "Le Arche de Noe" for an exciting race.

The next three Thursdays are spinnaker nights, so we're gonna have some FUN out there! Sadly, the season ends on the 29th. I'll have to race with "Wild Eyes" on Sundays to get my racing fix in October.


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