Sunday, May 07, 2006

Windjammers Spring Social!

Friday was the annual Windjammers Sailing Club "Spring Social", which is the yearly excuse to gather at the Milford Yacht Club and drink/talk/eat/and plan for the coming sailing season.

Joyce and I enjoy the happy hour drinks while the twilight fades over the harbor. Pete and Teri were there a little later, but the picture I took of Teri caught her talking, so I decided to be nice and I didn't use it.

I won't say that it's almost impossible to take a picture of her NOT talking, because she'll hurt me physically.

She's been working out, you know.

"Full Tilt" crew Chad and "Sea Hound's" Mike chat.

Can you guess by this picture that tonight was "Cinco de Mayo"? In the spirit of the occasion the MYC served up Mexican snacks.

Harold (left) talks with Chad's powerboater buddy Josh, who's a pisser in his own right, and fit right in with the Windjammers.

While Harold, who's a Welshman living in America, was showing his photo portfolio to Josh (Harold is a painter and photographer; he specializes in artsy and tasteful nudes) I leaned over Josh and took a picture. Harold tactfully reminded me of the generosity of the American civil justice system, especially in obvious cases of copyright infringement.

I may be slow, but I can take a hint. Hence the white bars. Sorry, guys.

It was a mild evening, and as Joyce and Brita (from "Sea Hound") enjoy the outdoor deck overlooking the harbor lights, I take the opportunity to accidently char their retinas with my camera's flash.

It was a great start to the weekend, and the weather was promising for the next few days, so we're gonna get a lot of work done on the boat. I'm guessing maybe 10 days till we get launched.

Next post will have pictures of Lori and Tim's new boat. It's a beauty!


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