Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thursday 9/21

After we got rained out last week (actually, I just didn't want to race in the crappy weather; I don't know if the race was rained out), we got out again. Light winds, and only Joyce, J.R. and me were crew. It was enough, considering the conditions.

The fleet approaches the windwark mark, such as it is. We only had about 5 knots of breeze at most, and 0 knots at the least.

After hitting the bell buoy two weeks ago, my crew's confidence in me was shaken. So it was unaminously voted (Joyce said so) that J.R. would helm the boat tonight. I didn't take the demotion too hard; my sobbing wasn't even audible more than a half-mile away.

The sunset reflected in the skipper's former skipper's sunglasses.

Ghosting toward the finish, Joyce needed a beer to balance out the boom. Or something like that.

Did I ever mention how much I love sunsets? And boats? Together?


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