Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last boat pictures of the season

I was sorting through my pictures and found a few I didn't post yet. Here's a few images from our final boating excursions this season.

Here's Joyce at our Port Jeff mooring in early October. We took a final nice weekend trip when the temperature was in the 60's during the day. It got down to the 40's at night, though, so it was a little chilly.

The mooring area was nearly empty, with maybe 6 to 10 boats taking a last chance trip for the weekend. After that, things were simply too busy for us to get away. But it was a really great final weekend!

This might be my favorite photo of the entire year. Click on it to enlarge it. What an amazing sky!

This was from our last Thursday Night race of the season, called the Harvest Moon Race. It ended after dark under a rising moon, which was awesome. Good way to end the racing season for us.


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