Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday 5/29

(Kari was RC boat tonight; this photo from Sunday's Pierce Inv't)

Breezy, 12-16 out of the SW. Sunny and cool until the wind shifted out of the NW and it warmed up 10 degrees. We had a big crew tonight, Janel, Lee, Derek, Joyce, new crew Bruce, and me.

The batteries in my camera were dead, so I didn't get any photos. We had a rough start, where we got pushed up over the committee boat and needed to do a quick 360 to squeeze in behind Audacious and Schock Therapy.

We did good in the race generally, except when we approached the first mark and fell into a wind hole by E at Charles Island; we had to throw in a few quick tacks to ghost around the mark and pick up the breeze as we headed to D Bell buoy. Our course was EDWES. We finished just behind Pale Rider and about halfway up the fleet. Good time tonight!


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