Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windy, chilly, and rainbow-y

We had the first Windjammers race of the season tonight (last week's was canceled for lack of wind) and it was a doozy!

Sun and clouds with showers produced the phenomenal rainbows pictured below. The wind piped up from 10 to about 28-30 right before the race when a squall blew through, causing us to drop the big #1 genny and put up the more manageable #2 sail. As the rain passed over we were treated to an hour-long single and double rainbow that was the brightest I've ever seen!

About 10 or so boats competed, and we did OK for a shakedown race. Janel & Joyce (pictured) along with Lee and Paul (from Wild Eyes) were crew tonight. Great time with lots of northerly breezes and flat waters. We're looking forward to the Pierce Invitational Race on Sunday.


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