Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last voyage of the season

On Saturday the 20th the weather was sunny and warmish, around 70 degrees, but there was a strong breeze from the WSW about 15-20 knots. It peaked around 25 kts. around Middle Ground, so it was a wet & wild trip to Port Jeff in 3-5' waves. It was a quick 2 hr. crossing, and a bit uncomfortable at times, but I really enjoyed it. We used only the #2 genny and averaged 6 kts. into the chop.

We got there mid-afternoon, and picked up our mooring. Only about 1/2 dozen boats were there enjoying the weather, but that's probably because it was so choppy out on the Sound that a lot of boats stayed in port.

Here's a nice shot of the sun ducking behind a cloud.

While I was grilling garlic chicken for supper, I snapped this self portrait.

You can tell it's Autumn by the flocks of geese migrating to warmer climes.

The thing I'll probably miss the most this winter are the sunsets. And the warmth. And the sunshine.

OK, I'll miss it all!

Heading home the next day we had brilliant sunshine, a nice westerly breeze, but it was a bit cooler. Sweater weather. Still, it was a great sail.

We sailed close by Middle Ground Stratford Shoal light to snap this photo.

This is probably it for the season, since I'm doubtful we'll get another warm weekend like that. Besides, I don't want to be covering the boat in 30 degree weather in late November, so we're going to get it hauled asap.

That weekend makes a total of 64 days we've sailed this season.

It was a great year.


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