Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vacation photos

Here's a bunch of photos (17) from our recent sailing vacation. You'll notice the weather is PERFECT in every picture. It's rare to sail for nine days and not get a drop of rain.

We had a downwind run from Milford, and along with way we passed Pete & Teri on Wild Eyes, coming back from Newport; and a little while later we waved to our dock mates at Port Milford aboard Cat's Paw. Click on any photo to get the full-sized version.

Here's Joyce where we anchored in New London on our first night, right across from Electric Boat. It was great having a very nice anchorage in such an urban area. We watched an endless parade of ferries going in and out until dark, and then the sounds of revelry drifted in from the town.

A submarine at the yard. Sadly, no subs were going out or arriving while we were there.

The lighthouse at the point going downriver from New London.

The New London Ledge lighthouse, a well-known landmark.

A schooner in Fisher's Sound on our way to Watch Hill.

There were a lot of boats racing. It gave us something to watch while we sailed again with the wind.

Another schooner that looks like a pirate ship off Watch Hill as we head to Block Island after a nice night anchored in Watch Hill.

A deer on one of the many Block Island greenways. There's some wonderful hiking on the island. Plus, we brought our folding bikes and did a lot of biking.

A Block Island sunset. I never get tired of these.

Me, under the cliffs at Block Rock Beach.

Joyce from the other direction.

Different day, different beach. Joyce on the beach just south of the New Harbor inlet. Having the bikes brought all the beaches on the island within reach.

And here she is again on the same beach.

A very scenic Block Island farm.

Full Tilt at the very best rental mooring on Block Island: #1. The palm tree got us a lot of fun comments and plenty of friendly waves.

After motoring to Mattituck, the day after that we took our bikes out to the wineries on the North Fork. The Borghese Winery had a great little courtyard and a cigar store attached. Here's Joyce enjoying a Maduro-wrapped Corona.

And me, also enjoying a smoke. After we finished that bottle, it was a little tricky riding the few miles back to the harbor. It's almost impossible to get lost in the North Fork, but we managed. We ended up along a scenic stretch of the old highway and actually enjoyed the detour.

The next day we sailed back to Milford. All in all, it was a fine vacation.


At 9/12/2008 3:12 AM, Anonymous Abril said...

Nice photos…. So you also like beach vacation trips, just like me.

At 9/12/2008 5:24 AM, Blogger CT Bob said...

Thanks. The nice thing about having a boat is that you don't need to stay in hotels or rent cars.


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