Sunday, August 09, 2009

Overnight cruise to PJ

We decided to do a night crossing to Port Jeff on Friday, returning on Saturday because Joyce had to work Sunday.

Joyce steering us out of the harbor just before sunset.

Sunset behind a big trawler anchored in the Gulf.

"Witchcraft" out for a twilight sail just south of Charles Island.

Deep into twilight. Soon a blood red, nearly full moon will rise. The NW wind ensured a crisp crossing, where we averaged between 5 and 7 kts. We got in around 11PM.

Saturday at our mooring. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed the day.

Especially Joyce, seen here with a book and a beer. Sometimes the necessities of life can be narrowed down to just the things that make you happiest at that moment.

Early Saturday evening, leaving PJ harbor we encountered this really cool schooner.

Is going this fast absolutely necessary when you pass between two nearby boats?

Joyoce didn't finish her book on the float, so while the autohelm steers us home, she takes the opportunity to read.

Me, listening to music. The wind was very light so we decided to motor back home.

Like I said, is it absolutely necessary to go this fast when you're that close?

Charles Island, with a sun murkily shining through a light cloud cover.

The big trawler is still there, and apparently entertaining some friends.


At 9/01/2009 7:33 AM, Blogger matthew houskeeper said...

I saw the Stonington fishing trawler in the Gulf this month also. I figured it was there for the Oyster Festival.


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