Sunday, August 02, 2009

Thursday 7/30

We had a perfect evening for the race! 8-10 kts NW-SW, not a cloud in the sky, and Schock Therapy set a fast course allowing everyone to finish before sunset.

Although, I didn't know the mark "T" Jeff set; I thought that meant Townsend Ledge, which is a fine mark for a Saturday race, but the 16 mile round-trip would have been a bit much for a Thursday night! Turns out the "T" he selected was the closest MYC "barber pole", just south of the line between W and D. It was a good mark, but since it's not in the Windjammers sailing directions, it was a bit confusing.

This is another good reason to monitor channel 72 before all our races. I hope we can finally adopt this common sense rule and make it part of our procedures.

Joyce, Liz and Derek on a reach. We also had Lee and Bruce aboard; Janel had to work late and missed the race.

Lee right before the starting sequence.

Secret powers along in the light breeze.

Yes, it's another sunset photo. Sunsets are like snowflakes; no two are the same. But sunsets are warmer. And you never seem to get a blizzard of sunsets at one time, you only get a single sunset each day. And you don't have to shovel a bunch of sunsets off your driveway....

...OK, so they're not much like snowflakes after all.

Post-race, Liz took over the helm for some light air sailing.

Liz with Kari in the background.


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