Thursday, September 03, 2009

Some vacation photos

A few photos from our vacation to the wine region of the North Fork of Long Island:
Joyce enjoys a taste of the Cabernet at one of the ten or so wineries we rode to on our folding bikes.

Some people have G.P.S., but on my bicycle handlebars I used "CheapP.S." to find the many wineries that dotted the map.

A Shelter Island scallop shell, on a beautiful beach off Ram Island County Park.

My Heineken Light matches my kayak. It's important to accessorize properly, you know.

Joyce kayaks near the historic Old Mill Restaurant, which sadly, is closed on Tuesdays. Guess which day it was that this photo was taken?

Me, pretending that I know the first thing about clarity of wines. It tasted good, which is all I need to know.

Joyce takes a puff of my Long Island Cigar Company madura-wrapped corona. Now, I do know a think or two about cigars.

A very dismal forecast encouraged us to leave a day and a half early, which judging from the sky here, was the right thing to do. We got home Friday afternoon, watched it rain most of Saturday, and went out for a nice sail on Sunday. Good vacation!


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