Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thursday 9/10

Finally, some breeze!

We had 15-25 kts out of the east for this overcast race. Only about 6 or 7 boats started. Annaliese was the RC boat, and they anchored along the Gulf Beach area to stay out of the worst of the waves. The course was NEWS, which meant a downwind start to the channel marker, and then a single loop around the course.

Bruce and Janel, with either Joyce or Liz up front.

This was the only time this year we reefed the main, and we also had our #2 genny up, so we were seriously powered down. It hurt us in the Gulf, which was somewhat protected from the wind, but after we rounded E and had to beat to W, we were mighty glad we had the reduced sails. Especially when coming off the 4-6 ft waves that were rolling in under us!

Me, looking like I'm having fun. Because I was having it. Fun, that is.

Lee, ducking under the lifelines to check for our line to the next mark.

Heading downwind we were flying through the water. I really wish I wasn't so busy steering so I could have shot some video!

Miles and Lee, after the race. We finished the race in only 25 minutes! I'd have liked them to send us around twice, but I got the feeling the RC wasn't all that thrilled to be out there, so I wasn't going to argue. We ended up sailing around for about another 1/2 hour before heading in. Fun night!


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