Friday, September 04, 2009

Thursday 9/03

Another light wind Thursday, but we had a nice sail anyway.

Summerwind was Race Committee last night. There was a fairly good turnout for the race.

Lee, his guest Gigi, and Bruce relax before the first warning.

An early sunset and light breeze made for a quick race; TWNS was it.

After the race a nearly full moon rose, and the wind freshened a bit, so we decided to sail around in the twilight.

The colors are amazing this time of year. Because we're almost at equinox, the twilight lasts much longer than during mid-summer.

Gigi had a great time helming the boat while Janel enjoys a smoke.

Speaking of smokes, the skipper has a cigar while being illuminated by the last bit of twilight. I had to push the manual ASA setting to 1600 to capture this image, which is why it's both blurry and grainy.


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