Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thursday 9/22

Janel was on injured reserves this week, so she took all the pictures. Great job, too!

Lee steering the boat prior to the start.

Joyce getting windblown on the bow during the pre-start sequence.

Me steering, taken from inside the cabin. We had a bit of a breeze that night, so we moved really well.

Derek successfully photographed by Janel.

A pre-sunset image.

Pale Rider glides by the sun. The camera sucks at extreme zoom, and there are dust specs on the CCD, which won't go away until I have the camera taken apart. I'm not willing to do it myself because I'm sure I'll mess it up.

After the sunset, a moonrise followed.

Lee after the race. We had a good showing tonight, with a full main and the #2 jib. Great race! Course was NW4, lots of windward/leeward. After the race, there was a Harvest Moon dock party at Port Milford.


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