Monday, August 01, 2005

Another weekend in PJ (am I being redundant?)

Man, I love the routine of summer...another weekend, another trip to Port Jefferson. The weather Saturday was sunny and hot, with little wind. We ended up motoring over and we arrived around 2PM.

Joyce relaxes in typical "Joyce-like" manner, before taking a swim. The water was amazingly clean this weekend; I have no idea why it was so much clearer than last weekend.

Shit, when will I stop with the stupid self-portraits? (maybe when Joyce volunteers to take a picture of me someday...that sound you don't hear is me holding my breath)

Saturday the Housatonic Boat Club had their cross-Sound race and beach party. Vern and Sheila from "Pegasus" picked us up in their dinghy and gave us a ride to the beach. We ran into Bruce and Judy from the HBC cruise two years ago, and it was nice to see Bill there also. Fun party. The phosphorescence in the water that night was amazing!

Sunday morning Joyce finds a spot on our genoa bag to apply suntan lotion. I don't like the idea of suntan lotion on our sail, but I've learned to stop telling women what they can or can't do; it's easier that way. Trust me.

Later, the wind kicked up nicely out of the east. It was choppy, but we only set the #2 genny and trucked across the Sound in about 2 hours. We let Otto (our autohelm) do the steering.

At one point Joyce lost her balance while going below, and she pitched backwards into my lap, dinging her tailbone slightly but managing to stay on the boat. Unlike the book that I was reading. Which was a very rare hardcover. All about the history of New England whaling. I'm sure it's out of print and more than likely very valuable.

But I'll never know. Because Joyce sent it to the bottom.

At least she felt bad about it. For a while.


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