Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wednesday night "Around the Buoys"

Last night on "Wild Eyes" was another scorcher; 90+ degrees, awful humidity, and light and shifty winds. And we had a brutal start due to some barging at the pin (*COUGH* black diamond *COUGH*). We spent the whole race trying to catch up with the fleet after that. Bleah!

During the prestart, I was trimming the starboard winch. The countdown timer is located on the starboard bulkhead. With about 2-1/2 minutes to go, the clock suddenly goes blank.

"Holy shit! What happened to the timer?", somebody asked.

"I don't know!", I cried helpfully.

"Somebody must have hit one of the buttons!", somebody else said.

Everyone stopped and looked at me, as I was bumbling around maybe six inches from the timer. I gulped. Sweat broke out on my forehead. I panicked helpfully for a moment, and then hit the chrono function on my watch, hoping to sync up with the one-minute warning. I'm imagining laser-beams shooting out of Pete's eyes, burning into the back of my skull.

Fortunately (for me), the timer mysteriously started working again. I still don't know if I caused the thing to hiccup or not, but I DO know that I'm going to keep well away from the son-of-a-bitch from now on. At least until AFTER the race starts!

Paul trims the spinnaker as we slowly make way downwind against the tide.

Lori and Tim enjoy a moment during our run. They look terribly relaxed, don't they?

We did catch up to some boats as we all converged on the finish at the same time.

They oughta charge admission for this.

Wasabi sail up the channel under spinnaker as we head in after a shortened race; one lap up to "10A" and back (I think).


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