Friday, August 05, 2005

Thursday Nite Race: August 4th

Nice race tonight...we had Tim, Pete, Teri, Joyce and I on the boat. Jeff Stuart and "Schock Therapy" did a great job as race committee. The wind was out of the ESE, so the course was set from just north of the island to Pond Point, back to the start, then to Welches' Point and back twice. Excellent course, Jeff!

We were a little late on the start (on purpose) because the wind was a bit strong and a LOT of boats were piled up on the line. We made decent time towards the first mark in some light chop, although when I asked Pete where the mark was, he pointed somewhere forward of the PORT beam and said, "Around two o'clock."

TWO o'clock? Obviously something was wrong, so I checked my nautical almanac to convert PST ("Pete Standard Time") to the local time zone, and came up with 10 o'clock. Then I set my watch to reflect the time difference so we'd tack at 9 o'clock. Or do I ADD an hour for Daylight Savings Time? I forget...

The wind was a little variable, especially as we approached sunset. At the pin to start the last round the wind died almost completely for a few minutes, but then picked up again more out of the south, enabling us to do the last to legs as broad reaches. We finished just as it got dark, and motored in. Fun night.


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