Friday, October 14, 2005

Can it maybe rain a bit MORE?!?

I remember the good ol' days...when it only rained for 48 or 72 hours straight at a time. Ah, those were good times!

So, it's been raining here for about a week straight! We've gotten about 48 inches of rain so far (I wouldn't trust the accuracy of that number), and it's STILL falling!

I had to go down to the boat and pump out the bilge FIVE times this week, and the way it's pouring down today, I may go there again later. Our boat doesn't have an electric bilge pump, and the water pisses down the mast into the bilge whenever we get a lot of rain. Hence, all the trips to the boat and manual pumping.

This weekend it's a lunar tide, and that, coupled with all the rain is gonna cause some serious flooding. What fun!


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