Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Very Last Sail of the Season

Today Joyce and I took the boat out for a last, furtive sail of the 2005 season. We had a bit of wind; when we arrived at the boat around 1PM (winter time...the clocks "fell back" last night) our wind gauge registered gusts of 20+ kts., directly out of the north. That would make backing the boat out of the slip a bit tricky, not to mention how nasty it might be on the Sound.

So we waited about 15 minutes and the wind hit a lull, where it was about 5-10 kts. We quickly started the motor and took off. On the way out of the harbor the breeze was behind us, so we raised just the #2 genny and cut the motor right after we cleared the breakwater. We quickly powered up to 6 kts. on a broad reach.

We had a great sail, with flat seas due to the northerly, and warm (65 degrees) winds that hit 25 knots but averaged around 10-15. We sailed around Charles Island, out to the Devon breakwater, and back to Welches Point before heading home. It was an easy and fun 2 hours of sailing to cap off the season.

I didn't take any photos of Joyce chugging her 18 wine coolers to celebrate the final sail of the year, but trust me...that girl can DRINK!

(No, you idiots, I'm NOT serious...jeez, can't a guy use a bit of artistic license when he's writing?)

Anyway, that's a wrap on the 2005 sailing season. Now it's time to lay up the boat, warm up the rum and cider, and get ready for skiing season.

All in all, it was a VERY good year!


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