Sunday, July 09, 2006

Race Committee: June 29th

Sorry I'm late in posting this, but I've been on vacation and didn't have time.

We were race committee for what was supposed to be the Milford Boat Works Mid-season Escapade party, which usually means a short race and then a big bash at Boat Works.

Well, the weather was somewhat unsettled, so at nearly the last minute somebody decided that it might rain and they cancelled the party. The race went on as scheduled, but was a full race instead. The winds were great and we didn't get a drop of rain all night.

RC crew was Joyce, me, J.R., Adam and Chad. Results are on the Windjammers Forum.

Here's a few pictures of the start, then my camera batteries died. I'll post a recap of our vacation in the next day or two, with lots of pictures.


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