Monday, June 19, 2006

1st Port Jeff weekend of the year!

We finally had some decent weather and nothing else going on, so we sailed over to Port Jefferson for the weekend. First time this year!

Saturday the weather was mixed, with some afternoon showers giving way to hazy sun towards sunset. Here's Joyce enjoying a book and a beverage in the cool of the early evening.

Sunday was hot and amazingly sunny. The first real summer-like day of the year. We hung around until about 2:30, then began a lazy sail home, with a trailing breeze and just the genoa up. The autohelm did all the work, allowing us to relax.

Here's me in my dollar-store mirrored shades. You can see my arm holding the camera reflected in the lenses for this self-portrait.

Woman at the Helm Race I RESULTS:

Joyce place 3rd out of the six boats racing. The corrected standings are:
1 Bruja
2 Schock Therapy
3 Full Tilt
4 Defiant
5 Paikea
6 Enigma

Good job Joyce and crew for keeping us competitive!


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