Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday 9/17

Our last Thursday race of the season, since next week we're committee boat for the final race, the Harvest Moon Raftup.

This is a cool photo of a woman and her dog seeming to walk on water, just west of the channel.

Immediately after the start, Arara with Secret behind it both powered up and covered us. We tacked as soon as we could.

Me on the first leg, with Bruce working the port side winch. We gave everyone who wanted to a chance to grind tonight.

Joyce, Liz and Miles, all wearing their crew hats. Today I went through all my leftover Full Tilt merch (that's short for merchandise) and found some brand new sweatshirts, which I gave to the crew. After sunset tonight we needed them!

Speaking of sunsets, here's another in the series. I think I have enough now to make a calendar!


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