Saturday, December 05, 2009

Full Tilt Team Dinner

This year we decided to gather crew and friends of Full Tilt at a local restaurant for fun-filled dinner. We started out in the lounge and soon migrated to a private dining room. As the drinks flowed, the quality of the stories improved.

Although, I was a little worried that the story of the "Robbins shark" may have given everyone indigestion!

Mike Kivell with Janel in the private dining room at Al Dente in Devon known as "The Godfather Room" because of all the framed pictures from Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro movies. Brita was also here, but she blinked in both photos we took of her.

Lee and me. The Italian food at this place is excellent. I had the scallops and shrimp scampi over linguini. Mmmm mmmm good!

John & Celeste also joined us and shared a few sailing stories.

Miles and his wife Sarah with Joyce. Sarah promised to join us for a few races next season when her work allows for it.

It was fun evening for all!


And I gave framed photographs from the sailing season to our crew and friends:

I gave this photo of Witchcraft taken when Joyce & me were starting a night crossing to PJ to John & Celeste.

Miles received this photo of him and Liz taken after an early September sunset.

Mike crewed with us once, and got this photo of him relaxing while Joyce helmed the boat.

Lee also relaxing was captured in this photo. Boy, we have a very relaxed boat!

Janel got a photo of her, Liz and Joyce celebrating our win in the Wellness Cup (the origin of the wine is a whole 'nother story! You had to be at the dinner to hear that one!)


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