Friday, October 01, 2010

Thursday 9/30

Wind and rain lashed the area today, and the club decided to cancel the final race of the season. All told, we only missed the two races that were canceled for weather, two races while we were on vacation, and one while I was involved in shooting a student film.

Other than that, we've made every single race this year, probably our best season yet. There were 20 scheduled races, 18 actually started, and we did 15 of them.

Last Friday we went over to PJ for an overnighter. The weather was perfect, near 80 degrees both days. We took our kayaks out of the harbor to the beach just east of the entrance, then walked about a mile down the beach towards Mt. Sinai. It was awesome.

Coming back Saturday morning, we crossed a big race heading west to east just off of Long Island. And we got a nice shot of Middle Ground Light, too.

Friday if the storm clears I'll transport the boat over the Branford in advance of Saturday's Wellness Cup Regatta. The weather for Saturday looks perfect, especially for October!


At 2/09/2011 2:40 PM, Anonymous Moe said...

Is that the Penfield light?

At 2/09/2011 2:47 PM, Blogger CT Bob said...

No, that's Stratford Shoal/Middle Ground light, located between Bridgeport and Port Jeff just about in the middle of the Sound.


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