Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Wellness Cup regatta

Saturday was our last scheduled race for this season, in the 3rd annual Wellness Cup. Here's a few photos:

"Wild Eyes" leaving the harbor for the start.

The crew on leeward rail, trying to get the boat over to the magic 15 degree mark!

Me, steering and not barking orders for once.

Derek at Faulkner's Island, where our first mark was located.

Post-race you can see Janel jackassing her way into my self-portrait.

Derek steering us home. The longer distance course has Pond Pt. as a mark, so we got to see some of them rounding as we headed back to Milford.

Mike Gardocki joined us for the race.

Janel, Joyce and Derek relaxing after the 5+ hour long race.

Two boats near the Pond Point mark.

These guys on "Evil Monkey" had a bit of a problem with their chute, and ended up redeploying it. UPDATE: They still won!

Results will be known later today at the party. We were first across the line but we don't know how we did on corrected time against the other four boats in our class. It definitely isn't a sure win like the last two years were.


At 10/03/2010 9:00 PM, Blogger Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Last race of the season is always the least favorite for me. I think seasons are over rated, actually.

At 10/04/2010 9:26 AM, Blogger CT Bob said...

Yeah, but this is such a fun event we always look forward to it. Takes some of the sting out of the season ending.


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