Sunday, November 13, 2005

And yet again!

Today is the 13th of November. The temperature hovered around 60 degrees, with a breezy 20 or so knots of wind. So Joyce and I decided again to take the boat out for another quick sail.

The wind and waves were from the southwest, and with an outgoing (opposing) lunar tide, it was choppy as hell going out the harbor channel. We also had to motor through the 20 or so Frostbiters who were racing at the mouth of the harbor. Funny that the frostbiters are out, yet it's sunny and warm; we even enjoyed a cold beer or two while out on the rolling waters.

We ended up sailing for roughly 90 minutes, then brought the boat in and unloaded a bunch of stuff for the winter. Today made about 63 sailing days, and over 6 months for the sailing season. It might finally be over...

But we left the genny on board...

Just, you know, in case.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Alright, so I lied...

...when I said that last weekend was the final sail of the year.

'Cause today the weather was even better, sunny with winds 5-10 and temps in the upper 60's, we just HAD to go for another sail. From now on I'm not gonna say the season's over until the boat is on land, that's for sure.

Anyway, we sailed with our nephew (and potential future crewman) Derek. He did a good job steering and at leeward winch. When it clouded up about 3 hours into the cruise we headed back.

I can't believe we're STILL sailing! We're just about up to six full months of sailing season this year. We're setting all sorts of records this year.