Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday 5/30

Finally it feels like summer is here! 85 degrees but a bit cooler at the shore.

We went kayaking for about 90 minutes today in the harbor, then came back after lunch to race with our brand new sails.

There's a little tweaking that needs to be done, but the sails worked fantastic tonight!

We place fairly high up in the fleet, beating quite a few boats that have lower PHRFs, and none with higher PHRFs were even close!

The genny is super hi-tech, and really looks great out there. We went with a dacron mainsail to stay within ODR rules, but I'm thinking we probably should have gone with a hi-tech main and to hell with the ODR rating. But it's too late for buyer's remorse, and besides we did really good tonight in 10-20 kts. breeze.

And the crew is really starting to work efficiently as a team. Except for the attention-deficit issues and the incessant jabbering about mostly everything but sailing. Fun night!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer was nice while it lasted

So, we got the boat in for the first race, where we did pretty good with our old sails.

This week, all sorts of shitty weather rolled in, and the race was canceled. Now, it's about 44 degrees out, blowing 20-30, and spitting rain on and off all day. We turned the heat back on in our house, on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!

Sheesh. I got to wear shorts three days this month. Summer was great, but now I'm back in my winter gear.

And so far we put the new sails on the boat over a week ago, and we still haven't sailed them yet!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!


Boat launch day today. It took quite a bit of cranking to get the diesel fired up this morn, but it coughed to life and powered the boat to our slip.

First race this Thursday! W@@@@H@@@@!!!