Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mid-Winter Bash at Two Boots

Last night we had a very special event at Two Boots Pizza in Bridgeport: it was Elisabeth's going-away party, our friends' C-Dock Band were playing, and it was my birthday! Here's some photos of the hi-jinks:

Monday, January 25, 2010

January weather

You never know exactly what kind of weather you're gonna get in late January, but you can pretty much assume that it's gonna be interesting!

From a website that shows weather buoy data, we're getting windspeeds up over 50 mph and the temperature is a very unseasonable 51 degrees! Plus it's raining like a bastard and the wave heights are topping 8 feet. Which basically makes it a good day to be on solid ground.

The website with this data is called MySound, and is run by the University of Connecticut Dept. of Marine Sciences. The weather info for the buoy off of New Haven is Central WX.

And for fun they have a web cam set up on Ledge Light in New London.

At least it's not snowing!